The PULULAHUA volcano is located at 15 Km from the capital of Ecuador: Quito, at 2500 m of altitude. El AGUACATAL is located at 15 km from the PULULAHUA volcano; at 1700 m. The slop down approximates 800 m.

We will pick you at your hotel in Quito and bring you to The Hacienda El AGUACATAL. The way which leads from the volcano to El AGUACATAL is very diversified. You can either go down by mountain bikes, by car 4X4, on horseback or by foot.

Two comfortable huts are located in the Andes. Each hut can lodge 6 persons.




  • Transportation from your hotel to the ADVENTURE point and during all the trip.
  • During all the trip, a permanent assistance will be at your disposal to inform you. Sandwiches and drinks will also be provided.
  • Luxury huts with bathrooms, hot water.
  • Breakfast, coffee, orange juices, eggs, bread, cakes, jam.
  • Lunch: one meal, drinks, desserts, coffee.
  • Dinner: one meal, drinks, tea, fruits.
  • Bar, restaurant, board games , billiards, arrows games, volley ball, cards game, fireplace.
  • Rest area.
  • Paths for walks.
  • Camp sites.
  • Information service, guide, help.

    Drinks at the bar are not included in the price.


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